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The Economic Freedom Fighters Students Command sends out a message of solidarity and support to the brave young Black girls who marched against the racist Pretoria Girls’ High School.

We note the growing confidence racism is taking to the spaces we occupy as Black people. It is no surprise that colonial spaces that represent oppression, separation and subjugation are reacting to the Black Consciousness erupting and disrupting in our day and age.

For too long, whiteness has been criminalising Black people, and more vehemently, Black women, Black girls for merely existing with no fear.

It is angering to say the least, that 22 years into a so-called-democracy, young Black girls, are taking to the streets to call out racism in a space that is meant to provide academic possibilities.

The racism at the Pretoria Girls’ High School has loudly declared that Black hair, Black bodies to be concise, are a disruption to the academic space. This is no surprise because 22 years into democracy the education curriculum still perpetuates imperialism, capitalism and colonial thought. All of the mentioned aspects of the education system can only function against Black bodies as they solely exist to perpetuate systematic racism.

Not only does the EFF Students Command demand the removal of racist rules across all primary and secondary phase schools but we take on the responsibility to foresee an end to such an injustice! We call for the removal of Apartheid education systems that continue to teach Black children, Black girls, to be in continuous search of whiteness and isolation of Blackness! We call for absolute decolonisation which we will administer ourselves should the failing government continue to fail.

Young Black girls exist! They have agency! They are not the problem, the racism is!