In September 2014, Special Assignment exposed an illegal abortion clinic of Dr. William Mogaila at Lister Building in the Johannesburg inner city. Our investigation found that not only were the abortions conducted illegally beyond the regulated six months period, the people employed at his facilities were illegally posing as qualified medical practitioners.

We established that the kingpin of the syndicate of these rogue doctors is a 57 year-old Ivorian national, Paul Gbagnonhoue. His task is to procure and recruit bogus doctors, mainly to work at Mogaila’s clinics.

Six suspects were arrested during a police raid. However, our investigation found that the culprits resumed their illegal activities, soon after they were released on bail.

In Part two of our programme, we return to the crime scene a year later and discover that it is still business as usual. Not only are the enterprises in operation, they have also expanded their business.

Why are the authorities not effectively clamping down on these activities?

Watch Dodgy Doctors Part II produced by Frank Ferro on Special Assignment this Sunday 20h30, SABC 3.