Pretoria : 8 July 2015 – The South African Police Service, the Directorate for Priority Crimes Investigation (the Hawks) and the National Prosecuting Authority has noted various reports regarding the withdrawal of charges against suspended Crime Intelligence head Lieutenant General Richard Mdluli and others.

The charges were withdrawn because the magistrate declined to keep the matter on the court roll pending further investigation. The Hawks, who are investigating this matter, will meet with the prosecutorial team to discuss how to address the pending matter.

The issue is with regard to further particulars which the state is required by law to provide to the accused. The further particulars entail documents classified in terms of the Secret Service Fund Account Act.

An unsigned letter was sent to the Office of the National Commissioner by the former National Director of Public Prosecutions. The Hawks and the NPA will discuss this matter and formally approach the National Commissioner, General Riah Phiyega, regarding the assistance they require.

As things stand, this matter is not yet within the control of General Phiyega.

Contrary to media reports, the SAPS, the NPA and the Hawks want to ensure that justice prevails in this matter. Everything possible will be done to ensure that this objective is reached.