The President of the Republic is akin to being the Chairperson of South Africa Incorporated, with ministers appointed to sit on a board; they serve 5 years tenure with the people of South Africa as shareholders. Accounting for every fiscal cent spent should be clearly articulated and transparent so that the shareholders are cognisant of the performance of their investments. Remember every cent spent by government is at the courtesy of the tax paying shareholder.

Every year the shareholders of South Africa are presented with a report via the State of the Nation Address and Budget in which the political, economic and social progress or lack thereof, is presented together with the immediate plans for the ensuing year.

After a dubious end to the tenure of Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Musa Nene, on the 9th December 2015, followed by the surprise appointment of Mr David van Rooyen, MP, followed by a conservatively estimated 500 Billion rand loss to South Africa Inc and then a quick post-500-billion appointment-deficit removal of Mr David van Rooyen as Finance Minister, after only serving four days in the position, and the subsequent reappointment of Mr Pravin Gordhan as Finance Minister; we can safely predicate that No 1 is at best making some bad choices.

Today’s Budget which many are hailing as the most critical to date in South Africa’s fledgling democracy leaves the Minister of Finance with very little room to maneuver. He must navigate our country through a veritable charybdissian myriad of social and economic challenges. Growth forecasts of below 1 per cent, increasing massive unemployment, excessive and unrestrained government expenditure, endemic corruption in public services, service delivery failures, a looming junk status rating, an energy and water crisis, and most importantly for the ruling party, a local government election.

He is truly in an unenviable position.

The question though now remains solely for the shareholders to decide in the upcoming local government elections, and that is, “Are you confident in the future of South Africa and content with the current management of South Africa Inc?” If not, then take your power back at the ballot box in the local government elections. It is really that simple; this is the beauty of democracy.

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) is saying to South Africa, if you want service delivery and hands-on, accountable governance, then make your voice heard in the local government elections by voting for the IFP. Vote IFP, who have been tried and tested in the crucible of good and corruption-free governance; We are a political party you can Trust.