The appointment of Allister Coetzee as Head Coach of the Springboks reaffirms the commitment to transformation within the national team notwithstanding or detracting from the fact that Mr Coetzee also deserves to be the head coach of the Springboks as he is rightly qualified to do the job.

For a sporting code which has in the past been marred by racial tensions, we believe that having Mr Coetzee as Head Coach of the Springboks will foster greater national unity and galvanize greater support for the team from all South Africans. We support him in his new role and trust that under his charge, the Springboks will continue to deliver world-class winning rugby to the credit of nation and their millions of fans. The fact that Mr Coetzee is no stranger to the South African rugby team as he is a former player himself and part of the management team that won Rugby World Cup in 2007, encourages us to look forward to another Springbok World Cup victory in 2019.