Twenty suspects have been arrested after allegedly trying to vote for a second time during the 2019, National and Provincial Elections.

Nineteen suspects have been arrested in KwaZulu-Natal of which 16 are alleged to have transgressed in Danhauser, two in Hluhluwe and one in the Port Shepstone while the twentieth suspect was arrested in Douglasdale in Gauteng.

These suspects are alleged to have contravened Section 88 (d) of the Electoral Act 73/1998 whereby a person tries to cast more votes than a person is entitled to.

In a separate matter, in the case of Arnold Mulaudzi, who was arrested on Tuesday night on charges of contravening Section 87(1)(a) par. 2 & 3 of the Electoral Act 73 of 1998, Mulaudzi appeared in the Vuwani Magistrate Court today Thursday, 09 May 2019. Mr Mulaudzi has been released on R5000 bail and is expected to reappear in court on the 03rd of June 2019. The case has been postponed to allow for further investigation.

These arrests are indicative that the security features employed by the Independent Electoral Commission to prevent “double voting” from taking place has in fact been effective. The four layers of security are effectively implemented to protect the integrity of the election process.

Furthermore, people bragging on social media about having cast “double votes” must realize that this is a transgression of the Electoral Act, if not fraud or both.

We have also taken note of the various video clips and messages that have been posted on social media, most of which have been dealt with decisively. In one case IEC officials were immediately relieved of their duties after they were found “operating” from the back of a bakkie, the matter of the election boxes that was found on the side of a road was clarified when people assumed they were voting material and in other cases people are being charged criminally.

We are now currently in the post-election phase immediately after it was announced that all voting stations had closed. However, the results collation process is still underway and as the local results are being announced, it is expected that celebrations will start.

While we appreciate the overwhelming support by the nation throughout the voting process, we want to appeal to everyone engaging in celebrations to do so responsibly. The Joint Operational and Intelligence Structures at all levels will continue to monitor all areas around the country to ensure that election process continues peacefully.