TRT members in stable condition after being involved in a shoot-out with suspected robbers

The National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, General Khehla John Sitole has conveyed his well wishes to two Tactical Response members who were injured during a shootout with suspected robbers in Johannesburg, Gauteng yesterday 07 March 2019.

The members spotted a suspected vehicle which was circulated as having been used in a robbery and gave chase. While approaching the corner of Main Reef and Vogt streets, the suspects began shooting at the police vehicle which resulted in a shootout between the police officers and suspects.

The members are attached to the Johannesburg Central Tactical Response Team.

One of the members sustained gunshot wound to his shoulder and injuries on his hands. The second member was injured on the head by flying glasses from the shattered windscreen. The two were taken to hospital for medical attention where they are reported to be in a stable condition. The third member was unscathed. The suspects managed to get away but the National Commissioner has directed the province to implement the 72-Hour Activation Plan to track down the suspects.

The National Commissioner has also commended the members for their bravery in that they put their lives in danger pursuing armed and dangerous suspects. He has also wished them a speedy recovery. “I am pleased with the efforts by these members in their pursuit to rid Johannesburg of dangerous criminals and that they escaped this incident with their lives”, said General Sitole