Pretoria: 09 June 2022 – The NATJOINTS is aware of unsigned messages and posters circulating on various social media platforms calling for a National Shut Down.

Those behind these messages are warned and reminded that prohibiting people’s freedom of movement is a criminal offence. Members of the public are therefore cautioned against spreading such messages that seek to mobilize communities to respond to the shutdown.

The NATJOINTS is calling on all people in South Africa to work together with law enforcement authorities to uphold and enforce the law. Any action aimed at contravening the law, will be dealt with accordingly within the ambit of the law. To this end, the NATJOINTS is calling for the cooperation of the public.

The NATJOINTS met on Wednesday, 08 June 2022 where they were briefed by the Intelligence Coordinating Committee( ICC) on the validity of the call for a National Shutdown. The Intelligence community is closely monitoring the situation and the associated risks.

With this said, law enforcement officers have been deployed and are on high alert to prevent and combat any forms of criminality. The respective PROVJOINTS have been directed to ensure multidisciplinary deployments and that the necessary contingency plans are in place.

The NATJOINTS assures members of the public that enforcement of the law will be executed within relevant prescripts to ensure stability in the country.