“The loss of life is always tragic and as the IFP we would like to extend our condolences to the families that lost loved ones and wish all those who were injured a speedy recovery” said IFP MP on Human Settlements Mr. Petros Sithole.

This was in response to the collapse of a house in Meyersdal, located in Alberton, where 7 people have been confirmed dead and several others were injured.

“It is clear that the department of labour did not have any monitoring mechanism in place to ensure the safe construction of this house. We can only wonder how many more construction sites lack any proper monitoring and how many more unfortunate accidents will occur before the department acts” said Sithole.

The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) is said to also be given the ability to inspect homes being built but there seems to have been no such inspection.

“One cannot say they inspected a home and not pick up major faults in how houses are built. If the NHBRC did inspect, then the individual who did so must be held accountable as they are not skilled enough to spot a major fault such as this one.

“A thorough investigation needs to be conducted into this issue. The contractors must provide answers as to why their building collapsed. They must also assist with funeral and other arrangements for the families who lost loved ones” said Sithole.