The Inkatha Freedom Party fear that if left unchecked, Eskom will wreak economic havoc upon South Africa, the likes of which have not yet been seen in this country.

IFP Spokesperson on Energy, Mr JA Esterhuizen, MP, said,” ESKOM has through its own negligence arrived at a point where it can no longer ensure stable energy supply, and this is in terms of current electricity demand. If we look at the economy’s growth projections, factoring in the NDP and its goals by 2030, we see a ‘horror story’ starting to unfold as ESKOM is one of this country’s weakest links. I have serious reservations that it will be able to meet its growth targets by following its current strategy.”

“Eskom’s strategy seems to be one of ‘Plan for today, not for tomorrow’. They literally bounce from one crisis to the next. This is having serious deleterious effects especially on manufacturing and foreign investment in South Africa and together with further credit down grading’s and labour instability is evidence of the slippery slope we are on,” continued Esterhuizen.

“It’s high time that we had a paradigm shift in respect of energy supply in this country. I would like to see the market for energy supply open to other private competitors, and a far greater expansion into renewable and ‘off grid’ energy projects. A change in thinking is necessary; electricity is not the only means by which we may power residential homes or light and heavy industry. We must embrace new energy technologies and open up the market for energy supply,” concluded Esterhuizen.