“In a study by Genocide Watch, it shows how polarization and isolation of a certain group begins by calling them names. There have recently been worrying signs of this phenomena in South Africa. They are harmful and do not ensure a positive future for this country. The CDP has noted with alarm the latest tendency from prominent politicians, to use words such as the ‘evil’ of colonialism, apartheid and now even white supremacists,” says Rev Theunis Botha, leader of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP).

“The ANC and Malema’s support for the removal of Cecil John Rhodes’ statue on the University of Cape Town campus, the illegal damage by the EFF of the British War Memorial in Uitenhage along with their threats to take matters into their own hands and even pull down the Paul Kruger statue in Pretoria claiming that this will rid South Africa of every vestige of colonial, apartheid and ‘white supremacist’ legacy; is a clear sign that they are attempting to rewrite the history of the country and target the white minority.

“Some of the colonial and apartheid legacies that are also being destroyed is an uninterrupted electricity and water supply, as well as a road, health and economic etc infrastructure. But before either the ANC or Malema can claim that they have rid the country of the last vestiges of colonialism and apartheid they have to get rid of the brick and mortar homes and buildings they utilize, the expensive motor cars they drive, the western clothes they wear, the mining and banking sectors they are greedily ogling and threatening to nationalize as well as many other obvious inherited benefits.

“Unlike other colonial powers, that have come to rape and take out of the country as much as they can, Afrikaners and British settlers, and their children’s children are still here and have made a valuable contribution to the development of South Africa.

“We need to take a stand against ignorance regarding our history and expose it. The CDP would like to add its voice to those of reason. We reject and oppose the sentiments expressed by the ANC and EFF and urge all to work together for a future South Africa free from communist lies, causing hatred and polarization.”