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We would like to remind all reporters and South African media to pay attention to ethics and to ensure accurate and factual reporting.

The headline: The humble criminal ANC was warned about – and the article: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/the-humble-criminal-anc-was-warned-about-20180721

Lacks the court conviction record of Errol Velile Present РTherefore the article is factually incorrect or at best lacking foundation. The article does mention a court case, in which it reports that  Errol Velile Present was found to be innocent.

This article is therefore an example of fake news as the article and reporting seems biased against a political party, the ANC, specifically.

All South Africans should be aware that entries and records on the so called: “Police Criminal Administration System (CAS)”,¬† Contains data and information on many people who are not “criminals”. Some people listed on this system were also arrested by allegedly corrupt policemen. Many people on this “criminal” administration system were wrongly arrested and are in fact not criminals at all. Reporting that anyone listed on this Police Criminal Administration System (CAS) are in fact, “criminals” is not only not accurate but is as fake as the reported name of the system itself.