WESTERN CAPE –Rashidi Ndulite(45) appeared at the Parow Regional Court today, 20 August 2021 for sentencing on several charges that include landing, receiving, transporting and possession of illegally poached abalone. This follows his arrest on 22 June 2021 in a joint search and seizure operation undertaken by the Hawks Serious Organised Crime team together with Department forestry fisheries and Environmental(DFFE).

Ndulite pleaded guilty on all five charges in line with (Section 105A) plea sentence agreement. The Parow Regional Court subsequently sentenced Ndulite on counts 1 and 2 to three years imprisonment of which 1 year and 6 months were suspended and counts 3 and 4 to one(1) year and six (6) months direct imprisonment.

Additionally, he was sentenced to one (1) year imprisonment for Count 5 that relates to the Immigration Act. The sentences on Counts 3 to 5 will run concurrent with that of count one.

He was also declared an undesirable person.

Ndulite will effectively serve one(1) and six(6) months direct imprisonment.