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South Africa is facing increasing water demands to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population, economic recovery that will ensure job creation, therefore the Department of Water and Sanitation calls on role players in the sector to work with government to ensure these ideals come to fruition.
As pronounced by President Cyril Ramaphosa late last week, water is paramount to people’s livelihoods and to ensure water security in the country, all hands on the deck are needed.
It is for this reason that the Department is calling on all water users to save water as much as they can as dam levels have taken a knock since the beginning of the winter season due to lack of rains.
The North West provincial water storage has declined again this week, albeit at a small margin, moving from last week’s 79.7% to 79.3% this week. However, this week’s level is much better when compared to the same period last year when the provincial water storage was at 68.2%.

Ngotwane Dam from 52.4% last week to 52.0% this week; Buffelspoort Dam from 100.1% to 99.9%; Bospoort Dam from 100% to 99.8%; Lindsleypoort Dam from 44.0% to 43.0%; Koster Dam from 50.2% to 49.7%; Klipvoor Dam from100.7% to 100.6%; Vaalkop Dam from 78.2%76.5%; Roodekopjes Dam from 103.4% to 102.3%; Marico Bosveld Dam from 95.4% to 94.8%; Molatedi Dam from 50.1% to 49.4%; Madikwe Dam from 70.6% to 69.8%;

Those that remain the same are Boskop Dam at 100.7% and Disaneng Dam at 65.3%

Those that slightly increased are Taung Dam from 94.3% to 94.8% and Setumo Dam from 47.2% to 48.0%

DWS continues to encourage the public to apply good practices towards water use.