Operational SAPS members have reported that after a meeting and peaceful gathering on the Wits campus by about 200 students from 22:00 onwards last night, police were alerted to a small group throwing stones at vehicles in Jorrisen and De Korte Streets, Braamfontein. Over the course of two hours, the individuals would stone vehicles and then run into buildings as police approached. They then stoned the police members from buildings. The Metro Police assisted the SAPS and cordoned off the area so that no other vehicles could enter and be stoned. By 02:00, probably because of the rain, the small group voluntarily dispersed and made their way back to their residences. There were no injuries to our knowledge. The SAPS members report that they did not take action as they small groups ran and hid every time approached. We are not aware of any damage, but it is possible that vehicle and shop owners could report damage to Hillbrow Police Station today.