The Inkatha Freedom Party has learnt from reliable sources that the position of Director General in KwaZulu-Natal is set to go to the former DG, Nhlanhla Ngidi and not to the acting incumbent, Mr Frikkie Brooks.

“It is disappointing that as the country prepares to celebrate Human Rights Day on 21 March with the theme revolving around anti-racism, we have a situation in KwaZulu-Natal where racism seems to be influencing who is appointed as the Director General of the province. In June 2015 the contract of then Director General, Nhlanhla Ngidi came to an end and it was not renewed. Premier Senzo Mchunu saw fit to appoint Mr Frikkie Brooks who was Head of the Secretariat for the Provincial Planning Commission, to act as Director General. Now we hear that for some odd reason Mr Ngidi is going to make a comeback. If the Premier did not see fit to renew Mr Ngidi’s contract last year, how is it that he is now being reconsidered for the position. We need to ask ourselves if there are racist undertones at play in this regard”, said IFP Leader in the KZN Legislature, Mr Blessed Gwala MPL.

“Surely the Office of the Premier knew a long time ago that Mr Ngidi’s contract was coming to an end and so the position should have been advertised well in advance. This is a very high profile position and carries with it enormous responsibilities for our province. If Mr Brooks was seen fit to act in that position for over eight months then why is he not being considered for appointment as Director General? Where are we going as a province if ANC cadre deployment is going to continue? Premier Mchunu seemed happy to be working with Mr Brooks over the past eight months but suddenly something has changed. The ANC cannot talk of fighting racism where it exists while at the same time it practices racism at its very own doorstep”, concluded Mr Gwala.