The IFP calls on the media to desist from “peddling, malicious statements” that the IFP in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature has renewed its calls of being against the relocation of the legislature from ULUNDI to Pietermaritzburg.

“We want to set the record straight after we noted some news reports with grave concern that again we raised the issue in the House during the vote 2 (Provincial Legislature) debate last Tuesday. We put questions to the Speaker about the depreciation and maintenance costs, and the utilisation of the Ulundi parliamentary complex. But some media houses distorted the issue. The IFP did not complain about the relocation of the legislature to Pietermaritzburg. Our response to the resolution taken at Ulundi on 31 May 2002 is recorded in Hansard, said IFP spokesperson on the Standing Committee on Oversight (STACOV), Dr Lionel Mtshali, MPL.

“We want to re-iterate our concerns that even today we still feel that the move away from Ulundi was inspired by a political vendetta against the IFP President, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, and the IFP. We objected to the building of new parliamentary complex in Pietermaritzburg from the very beginning. People were misled when the legislature and government were moved away from Ulundi amid claims that it would be cost- effective since Pietermaritzburg already has adequate office accommodation.

We shall stand firm in opposing any move that is unparliamentary and partisan. All members of the Legislature deserve equal treatment by the media. We hope that those newspapers that peddle malicious statements on this issue should desist from casting aspersions on the IFP and misleading the public” he concluded.