As usual the Cape Party catches flak every time it raises the issue of the Western Cape becoming an independent country. Cape Party leader Jack Miller slammed members of the media and politicians for being “narrow- minded”

“The coverage we have received in the news media has been blatantly biased and aimed at relegating the Cape Party to the fringes of politics”

Miller accused the media and the professional political class of being bedfellows with a common ideology that freezes out alternative perspectives.

“We have to face the fact that the media and the professional political class are members of a closed -minded, metropolitan bourgeois elite immersed in an immense and furious liberal bigotry”

Miller accused the media of acting as the “PC police”

“The cult of political correctness has imposed on the whole of society a new form of bigotry in which those who happen to hold alternative opinions are excluded as pariahs”

Miller ripped into local politicians calling them “pre-selected drones” who owe their positions to courting favour with their political bosses.

“The two main parties are propped up by unlimited access to money and an unlimited access to the coverage granted to them by their slaves in the media who are complicit in freezing out dissenting voices”