The IFP in Parliament calls on the Minister of Basic Education and Provincial MEC’s to urgently call for a School Bullying Summit after the video which shows a teenager assaulting another at the Krugerlaan High School in full view of a teacher has been viewed by more than 2 million people on social media.

“In the awake of several high profile bullying incidents, it is imperative that the School Bullying Summit be called. We need to aim at passing anti-bullying laws. Bullying can be criminal. Bullying is definitely anti-good school performance.” said IFP National Education Spokesperson, Mr Alfred Mpontshane, MP.

“A school where children don’t feel safe is a school where children struggle to learn. It is a school where children get depressed and drop out. We require schools to keep track of bullying incidents,” continued Mr Mpontshane.

“We need to facilitate action-oriented conversations which can be provided by the proposed bullying summit,” concluded Mr Mpontshane.