The Inkatha Freedom Party would like to send its condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the N12 accident in Alberton, involving two heavy trucks and 45 cars.

“The IFP condemns the non-servicing of trucks that continually results in accidents on our roads. Truck companies that neglect to maintain their trucks should be held accountable, especially because they make drivers use faulty vehicles for long distance trips” said IFP spokesperson on Transport, Mr. Petros Sithole, MP.

The driver was said to be driving at 120 km/h instead of the 80 km/h the truck is allowed to travel on roads.

“It would not be a surprise to learn that the driver was travelling at 120 km/h, as it is a common sight that is witnessed everyday on our roads. It is as if some of these truck drivers believe that they are driving a smaller passenger car when they are on the roads, because their speeds are high. But unlike smaller cars, they cannot stop their truck at the same pace and can end up causing major accidents”

“Even if the owners did not do their part in maintaining buses, there is no excuse for the driver to be using excessive speeds with a truck. The pressure felt by these drivers to deliver can be immense and more support must be provided for these drivers in terms of where they can go to report the truck owners’ attempts to pressurise them into driving faulty trucks” said Sithole.

The IFP we would also wish the injured a speedy recovery and commends the Transport department on the investigation that has been started to look into this issue. The Road Accident Fund should also ensure that it follows through with its commitment to assist those affected.