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Christmas Function For Senior Citizens From Vulnerable Communities


Christmas function for senior citizens from vulnerable communities hosted by Noncedo Nkqintamo Adult Care and HIV/AIDS centre. Message of goodwill From Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP President of the Inkatha Freedom party. Langa: 3 December 2015 Politicians are always speaking to the youth. Somehow we think that the best ideas come from young people, as though …



The IFP Women’s Brigade calls on government to ensure that older people’s rights are upheld and defended as we commemorate the International Day of Older Persons. “Older people’s rights must be upheld and defended. They must be protected from discrimination and abuse. We condemn in the strongest terms allegations of the killing of older men …

SA Government no plans to nationalise pension funds

SA condemns deadly terrorist attacks in Kenya

Pretoria – Government has no intention to nationalise people’s pension (or provident) funds, or prevent them from accessing their money, says the Department of Basic Education. This after rumours alleged that government would take away people’s hard-earned pensions, and prevent them from accessing their funds. The department says the rumours were based on a misunderstanding …