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VF Plus: Internasionale Taaldag

Terwyl die wêreld steeds meer sensitief raak vir die belangrikheid van ʼn persoon se moedertaal, beweeg Suid-Afrika en die EFF-jeug in die teenoorgestelde rigting. Die eis dat slegs Engels as taal by Tukkies en ander universiteite gebruik moet word, bevestig hierdie tendens. So ʼn taaleis is agteruitbeweeg en teen die moderne wêreldtendense. Vandag (Sondag 21 Februarie) is Internasionale Moedertaaldag. Die dag is deur UNESCO ingestel ten einde onderwys vir meer mense toeganklik te maak deur onder meer onderwys in hul eie taal te kan ontvang.…

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IFP raises concerns over drivers behaviour

The Inkatha Freedom Party calls for change in driver’s behavior, after 141 people died over the weekend in 110 accidents across South Africa. “Human error is, in fact, the overwhelming cause of most of the carnage on our roads. By not implementing effective driver behaviour management programmes, bad behaviour is not identified properly, undesirable habits are ignored and the same types of accidents occur over and over again. This is only possible through a proactive programme, aimed at creating solid practices aimed at changing driver…

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SABC – Dumping of Afrikaans programming not true

SABC – Dumping of Afrikaans programming not true Johannesburg, 26 June 2014-The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) would like to express its misgivings on the article published today on TV with Thinus, an online publication, which claims to do news and analysis on South African Television. The Cape Town based self-proclaimed TV critic, Mr. Thinus Ferreira’s article is questionable and is perceived by the SABC as a move to cause confusion and to some extent instigate racial and linguistic divisions. The article alleges that SABC…

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